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About Betafence South Africa

Our Backstory

Betafence has a long and rich history. Its origins can be traced back to a barbed wire manufacturer in the 1880s. From our humble beginnings, we have achieved great success. Over the years, Betafence changed ownership and strategy a good number of times, but the business slowly evolved to what it is today ‒ a trusted specialist in perimeter security.

With our headquarters in Europe, offices in the USA, and our products being sold worldwide, Betafence has truly reached global acclaim. We are looked to as an international leader in the security industry, and we are known for the standards of excellence that we set.

What We Specialise In

At Betafence South Africa, we specialise in providing integrated perimeter security systems and quick fence installation solutions in South Africa. Through sustainable development, we have arrived at fencing products that are resistant to corrosion, unobstructed, and integral to your property's security.

We specialise in fencing solutions that are innovative, effective, and quick to install, providing you with a convenient and turn-key solution.

Betafence South Africa’s solutions are ideal for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. We offer a range of practical products, including fencing panels, posts, gates, and fixators. 

Betafence SA Values

  • Integrity - We always focus on doing the right thing and maintaining our integrity, which is of great importance to us.
  • Accountability - We hold ourselves and our team members accountable for any words, promises, and actions.
  • Global collaboration - Running a global company comes with its challenges, and that is why maintaining cohesive global collaboration is very important to us.
  • Innovation - Our experts are constantly striving to find innovative ways to achieve global success in the security industry, whether this is through sustainable product development or new marketing ideas.
  • Customer orientation - Our customers are the heart and soul of our business. We want to ensure that our customers have a clear understanding of our products, and are satisfied with our services!

Our Vision

The vision that we have for Betafence is to be a global leader in perimeter protection and security, as well as fencing systems. We want to be the #1 choice for homeowners and business owners when it comes to protecting their perimeters. We aim always to offer high-quality products, services, and solutions.

How will we achieve this vision?

Betafence has already met much global success, and we foresee Betafence SA is no different. We aim to reach our vision by focusing on our customer relationships and always providing outstanding quality.

Working for Betafence

Working for Betafence means working with a diverse and talented global workforce. It means being a part of something truly special and providing specialised perimeter security systems to a wide range of different customers. Our employees play an integral role in our business's success, and we are committed to providing safe working conditions for all.


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