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EasyView 1.71m Panel (Width: 2480mm)

(excl VAT)

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Betafence’s EasyView panels are made from PVC-coated welded mesh. The PVC coating is ideal for corrosion resistance, and the fence itself is specifically designed to be an easy-to-install boundary or partitioning system. The design of the fence allows you to enjoy a completely unobstructed view of your surrounding area so that you don’t feel isolated or closed in. 

When purchasing EasyView panels, you should always buy the same number of EasyView fence posts needed, plus one extra if you are not installing a gate.

Use the following equation to determine the number of posts you need to get: 

Number of posts = Number of panels + 1 

One of the biggest advantages of EasyView panels is that they are a quick-to-install fence. The installation process is incredibly simple. These panels are designed to be a self-install fence, and you won’t need any special skills to install them.

The EasyView panels come in two different height options. The panels have uniform aperture dimensions of 38x152mm. 

  • Height - 1.14 metres or 1.71 metres
  • The 1.14 m panels are recommended for partitions
  • The 1.71m panels are recommended for boundaries
  • Aperture dimensions- 38x152mm
  • PVC-coated welded wire mesh fencing panels

Watch this video to learn more about our easy-to-install fence panels in a step-by-step structure. No special skills are required!


  • Enjoy unobstructed views of your surroundings thanks to the aperture of the mesh
  • Fencing is very difficult to climb because of the strategically placed barbs on top
  • Increased stability because of the reinforced bends in the panel
  • Appealing to the eye as it blends in with almost any environment thanks to the anthracite coating
  • PVC-coating gives the welded mesh anti-corrosion properties
  • Lightweight ‒ easy enough to lift

Betafence EasyView panels have a lot to offer in terms of customer value. These panels are highly durable, so customers save money on replacement costs. These panels also have a wide variety of applications. While they are commonly used as boundary and partitioning fences for residential properties, their uses do not stop there.

The biggest advantage is that these panels are very quick and easy to install. All you need is a spade and a level, and you can take care of the installation yourself!

Please note: EasyView panels are not approved for swimming pool fencing and do not meet SANS requirements for a pool fence.

Have any questions about our easily assembled fences and PVC-coated welded mesh panels? The team at Betafence South Africa would be more than happy to assist. Get in touch with us today to discuss our EasyView panels.

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