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EasyView 1.6m Post (60 x 40mm Rectangular Tube)

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EasyView posts have been specifically created by Betafence to provide support and durability to your EasyView fence panel system. When purchasing EasyView panels, you should always buy the same number of EasyView fence posts needed, plus one extra if you are not installing a gate.

EasyView posts are made from pre-galvanized steel and polyester coated to protect the fence posts from corrosion and ensure that they are durable and long-lasting. They are very easy to install because they have no pre-drilled holes. The easy fence post installation is achievable by almost anyone, and no special skills are required.

Use the following equation to determine the number of posts you need to get: 

Number of posts = Number of panels + 1 

  • 1.6 metres in height

Want to learn how to achieve quick fence post-installation? Watch this video that lays out the step-by-step guidelines. You’ll soon see that installing these fence posts is very easy and you can most likely do it on your own should you know how to operate a level and a spade.

  • Cost-effective fence posts because of the materials’ ease of availability
  • No pre-drilled holes
  • No holes are required for fixing the poles into place, further preventing corrosion and promoting longevity
  • Once the fence posts have been capped, water cannot easily enter the inner post, which is further prevention of corrosion
  • All fence posts are made of pre-galvanized coil that has anti-corrosive properties and provides the post with a smooth finish
  • The fence post is powder coated with anthracite to match the panel
  • Lightweight with no need for heavy lifting
  • Easy fence post installation
  • Cost-effective fence posts - save on replacement costs as EasyView fence posts are highly durable and have anti-corrosive properties
  • Unique fixation method with many benefits
  • A fence can be installed on an incline
  • Posts can be used for intermediates and corners, so no need for extra posts

Interested in setting up a boundary or a partitioning system using our cost-effective fence posts at Betafence? Feel free to get in touch with our team today. We’d love to offer you advice regarding your fencing needs.

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