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M6 Cup-Square Bolt - Shop Online | shop.betafence.co.za

M6 Cup-Square Bolt

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M6 cup-square bolts are used with Flat-Max fixators to mount panels to posts. 
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Introducing the M6 Cup-Square Bolt, an essential component in the realm of secure and efficient fencing solutions by Betafence. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, these bolts play a crucial role in mounting panels to posts, ensuring the robustness and stability of your fence system.

Precision Mounting with Flat-Max Fixators

The M6 Cup-Square Bolt is specifically engineered to work seamlessly with Flat-Max fixators, forming a dynamic duo in the secure attachment of panels to posts. The cup-square design of these bolts provides enhanced stability and prevents rotation, ensuring that your fence panels remain steadfast against external forces.

Comprehensive Fixing Kit

To achieve optimal performance, the M6 Cup-Square Bolt is used in conjunction with M6 washers and M6 nuts. This comprehensive fixing kit creates a solid connection between panels and posts, offering a reliable solution for both residential and commercial fencing needs. The M6 size ensures compatibility with standard hardware, making installation a straightforward process.

Efficient Utilization with Flat-Max Fixators

The efficiency of the M6 Cup-Square Bolt is further exemplified by its compatibility with Flat-Max fixators. With just one set of M6 fixings—comprising the bolt, washer, and shear-off nut—two Flat-Max fixators can be securely fixed. This not only streamlines the installation process but also maximizes the use of each set of fixings, contributing to a cost-effective and efficient fencing solution.

Durable and Secure Construction

Built with durability in mind, the M6 Cup-Square Bolt is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring resilience against environmental factors and wear. The use of shear-off nuts adds an extra layer of security, making it challenging for unauthorized tampering and enhancing the overall integrity of the fence system.

Versatile Applications

Whether you're securing residential perimeters or enhancing the security of commercial spaces, the M6 Cup-Square Bolt proves to be a versatile and reliable choice. Its compatibility with various fixators and ease of use make it a valuable component in creating robust and long-lasting fencing solutions.

Invest in the M6 Cup-Square Bolt by Betafence for a fencing system that prioritizes precision, security, and efficiency.

M6 fixings and Flat-Max fixators are compatible with the following fence systems: 

  • Betaview 50
  • Betaview 25
  • Betaview 3510
  • Betaview ¾ Combo
  • Betaview 358
  • Betaview 3D R

M6 bolts are made from grade 304 stainless steel as per ISO 9223.

The combination of Betafence panels, posts and superior fixing mechanisms delivers a complete fencing system that ensures the installation's integrity ad protection level.