The Betafence Nylon Fixator
The Betafence Nylon Fixator - Includes set of Security bolt & nut
The Betafence Nylon Fixator - Nylon Clamp-on post
The Betafence Nylon Fixator - Profile view
The Betafence Nylon Fixator - Side view
The Betafence Nylon Fixator - Includes set of security bolt & nut

Nylon Fixators (includes set of security bolt and nut)

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The patented nylon fixators that we offer at Betafence are specifically designed to help you connect your EasyView panel and posts.
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The patented nylon fixators that we offer at Betafence are specifically designed to help you connect your EasyView panel and posts. This unique fixation process really sets Betafence apart from its competitors and provides our customers with an easy way of establishing a boundary or partitioning system.

Not sure how many fixators you’ll need for your EasyView system installation? Use the below formula:

Number of fixators = Number of posts x 3 (for the 1.2 high system)

Number of fixators = Number of posts x 4 (for the 1.7 high system)

  • Nylon metal fence fixators

Learn how to properly install your EasyView system using our nylon fixators by watching the step-by-step video below. You should find the process to be incredibly simple and straightforward.

Betafence offers two types of fence fixators, namely steel and nylon.

Our nylon fence fixators are popular because of their UV stability and have been tested up to 2000 hours. They are very strong, durable, flexible, and, most of all, very easy to install. These fixators can also be used on boundary fences. They each come with a button head + pin bolt and a hexagonal nut which is actually hidden in the nylon clamp. This makes it very difficult for intruders to unscrew.

Both the nylon and the steel clamps are Betafence patented designs. The fence can be positioned at any angle, which makes for easy installation and eliminates the need for additional posts for corners which saves on costs!

The nylon fixator comes with one M6 button head + pin security bolt 20 mm long and a hexagon nut that will be hidden in the nylon clamp. Both the bolt and the nut are made from A2 stainless steel (grade 304). 

These bolts can only be used with the tools provided by Betafence, included in your purchase, which makes tampering with the fixators difficult.

Because the clamps have been expertly designed, a lot fewer clamps are needed to secure the EasyView system than what would be needed for traditional systems. 

The clamp offers easy and convenient installation thanks to its clip-around system.

Because fewer materials are required, and the materials are highly durable, you’ll save money!

Have any questions about our nylon fence fixators? Feel free to get in touch with the team at Betafence today! We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and offer you professional advice.