Spider Fixator - Shop Online | shop.betafence.co.za
Spider Fixator - Shop Online | shop.betafence.co.za
Spider Fixator - Shop Online | shop.betafence.co.za
Spider Fixator - Shop Online | shop.betafence.co.za

Spider Fixator

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Spider fixators are installed on the posts which gives maximum protection against any tampering.
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Introducing the Spider Fixator by Betafence, a cutting-edge solution designed to fortify your fence system against tampering and unauthorized access. This innovative fixator is engineered to provide maximum protection and security, ensuring that your fencing infrastructure remains robust and impenetrable.

Advanced Mounting for Maximum Security

The Spider Fixator is meticulously crafted to be mounted on posts using M8 mushroom head cup-square bolts, M8 flat washers, and M8 shear-off nuts. This advanced mounting system adds an extra layer of security, making it highly resistant to tampering or unauthorized meddling. The choice of M8 fixings ensures a durable and steadfast attachment, reinforcing the overall integrity of your fence.

Tamper-Resistant Design

Security is paramount, and the Spider Fixator excels in providing a tamper-resistant solution. Installed on the posts, it acts as a formidable deterrent against any attempts at tampering or dismantling. The strategic placement of Spider Fixators ensures that your fence remains not only secure but also steadfast in the face of external forces.

Efficient Installation with M8 Fixings

The installation of Spider Fixators is a streamlined process, enhancing efficiency without compromising on security. With just one set of M8 fixings—comprising bolts, washers, and shear-off nuts—two Spider Fixators can be securely fixed to the posts. This efficiency is designed to save time and effort during the installation process.

Versatility in Application

The Spider Fixator is a versatile component that can be seamlessly integrated into various fence systems. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a range of applications, from residential perimeters to commercial and industrial security needs. Wherever security is a priority, the Spider Fixator delivers.

Reliable and Durable Construction

Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, the Spider Fixator is constructed with durability in mind. The materials used ensure longevity and resistance to environmental factors, providing a reliable solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Enhance Your Fence Security with Spider Fixator

Invest in the Spider Fixator by Betafence to enhance the security of your fence system. With its tamper-resistant design and advanced mounting, this fixator is a crucial component for safeguarding your property.

Spider fixators and M8 fixings are compatible with the following fence systems: 
  • Nylofor Medium
  • Securifor Super 6 3D
  • Securifor 2D

Spider fixators are made from grade 304 stainless steel as per ISO 9223*

Dimension: 57,4 x 55,8 x 10mm

* Spider fixators can be coated on request. Please contact our team for more information. 

The combination of Betafence panels, posts and superior fixing mechanisms delivers a complete fencing system that ensures the installation's integrity ad protection level.