4 Tips For Saving For Your EasyView Fence

Jul 05, 2022

EasyView fence installed DIY fencing option

While the Betafence prices for EasyView Fences are certainly affordable, this may still be something that you need to save up towards before you can buy it. (especially if you need to fence a large property). The fact that the EasyView fence is so easy to maintain and has such a long lifespan makes it totally worth the purchase price.

In this article, we’ll be giving you some practical advice and tips to help you save up for the EasyView fence of your dreams!

Know the Amount That You Need to Save For

It is always beneficial to have a total amount you are saving towards so that you can track your savings and see how far away you are from reaching your goals. Here at Betafence, we make calculating the number of components you need very easy through the help of our fence configurator. You get step-by-step instructions for measuring your perimeter and deciding which components you need and then adding them all up to get a total amount.

Give Yourself a Time Frame

Give yourself a time frame in which you would like to reach this goal. Make sure that it is realistic and in line with what you are able to put towards the fence each month. Write this end date down in your calendar. When this day comes around, and you have the funds to purchase your fence, it is time to press ‘buy’.

Cut Down on Certain Luxuries

If you are battling to save for your fence, you may have to look at which luxuries you could down on for just a couple of months until you have enough savings to purchase your fence. These luxuries could be anything from buying takeaway coffee daily (which easily adds up to R1000 a month) or going shopping for unnecessary clothing items.

Get Everyone in the Household to Chip In

While you may be the breadwinner and provider in your family, the fence will certainly benefit everyone in your household, so you could make requests for others to chip in towards the fence fund. You could also ask other members of the household to help out when it comes to the installation of the fence.

Have you saved up enough to purchase your EasyView Fence? Place your order with Betafence today, and we’ll have all your components delivered straight to your door! We’re also more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about our products, so please feel free to get in touch.