3 Tips for Choosing Commercial Security Fencing

May 24, 2022

Heathfield school with mesh fencing

Choosing the right commercial security fencing is essential to protect your property and your employees. With crime an ongoing concern for many South African businesses, perimeter fencing is used as part of your overall security system. Alongside CCTV, alarm systems, access control and other features, the fencing you choose needs to provide optimal security at all times. To help you choose the best commercial security fencing for your business, we’ve put together a list of things to consider.

Choosing the Right Commercial Security Fencing

Some of the most important tips to keep in mind when choosing commercial security fencing include the following:

1/ Look for corrosion-resistant fencing

This is something that people do not always consider when choosing fencing. Although fencing also needs to be made of high-grade metal that cannot easily break or bend, it also needs to be protected against corrosion. This will prevent wear and tear. It will also extend the lifespan of your fencing. Over time, rust and other damage can weaken fencing, creating vulnerabilities in security. PVC-coated fencing will ensure that your fences are durable and long-lasting.

2/ Look for hard to access fencing

How easily can your fences be climbed? This is another thing you will need to consider. In many cases of break-ins, criminals have a very short time to access properties before alarms are activated. A quick look at the fence will let the potential trespasser know whether or not they have a chance of getting over the fence. Many fences can be climbed with minimal effort, making fences ineffective as a deterrent. Look for fences that are designed to be difficult to access. Fences with small bar spacing, little to no foot-holds and features such as barbed tops will not be easy to climb. If trespassers see the fence as too much of a challenge, they are unlikely to attempt to try and climb the fence.

3/ Look for high-visibility fencing

Visibility is another thing to consider. Criminals will often try and find hiding spots that allow them to enter the property without being seen. Walls and wooden fences are often easier to access because there is no visibility. Once inside, trespassers cannot be seen by armed response patrols. Cameras may not always have a full view of obstructed areas such as walls, too. High-visibility fencing ensures that there are no blind spots. There are no spots for trespassers to hide and the premises can be seen from the street or parking area if patrols are done. 

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