8 Advantages Of Installing An EasyView Fence

May 19, 2022

Large Perimeter Betafence mesh fencing

Have you been thinking about installing one of Betafence’s EasyView fences? Well, this is definitely a great decision that comes with a wide range of advantages. No matter whether you’re installing your EasyView fence on a residential property or a commercial property, you’re sure to enjoy the full range of benefits that this fencing system has to offer. 

So, what are some of these benefits?

Delivered To Your Door

Once you have placed your order on Betafence’s website for your EasyView fence, you simply give us your delivery address and your Betafence will be delivered to your doorstep! Talk about convenience. If, for some reason, your address is not picked up by our courier system, we will make an alternative plan for you.

Easy Installation

Unlike other fencing solutions, installing an EasyView fence is easy! Even someone with no previous experience can handle it. We provide many online tools that assist you with the installation process and ensure that it is done right the first time.


Betafence has designed the EasyView fence system to be affordable for a diverse range of people. Where EasyView’s affordability really comes into play is the fact that the fence is so long-lasting and requires very little maintenance.

Enjoy The View

One of the major advantages of the EasyView fence system is that you can still enjoy the view. You don’t feel trapped on your property as you can still see out and view what is happening all around you!

Highly Durable

When installed correctly, you will find that the fencing system is highly durable! It can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Anti-Corrosive Technology

The special PVC coating is part of EasyView’s anti-corrosive technology. This ensures that the system does not experience rust or corrosion.

Anti-Climb Technology

The EasyView fence system has been designed with anti-climb technology, making it virtually impossible for any criminals to scale your fence!

Sustainable Choice

Betafence is dedicated to providing dependable and sustainable fencing solutions in South Africa and worldwide. The components are all very long-lasting, so they will not have to be replaced any time soon.

Are you interested in installing an EasyView fence in South Africa? By ordering one today, you can begin experiencing all of the benefits as soon as possible. Ordering on our site is easy, but feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions.