Common Security Camera Placement Mistakes To Avoid

Jun 28, 2023

Common Security Camera Placement Mistakes To Avoid - blog | Betafence SA

To complement our perimeter fencing solutions, many customers choose to install our outdoor wireless security cameras as well. The Lymeta & Co wireless security camera is a fantastic solution for ensuring that your perimeter is not only secure but also well-surveilled. 

However, any great security camera system is only as good as its placement. Fake or poorly placed cameras can undermine their ability to provide proper surveillance footage, which can compromise your security.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to review the common mistakes that many people make when installing their security cameras. 

Placing Cameras At An Inappropriate Height

Cameras that are placed too high could potentially fail to capture important details such as faces or license plates. If there is a security incident, you want your cameras to be capable of seeing and recording this critical information, as it could assist law enforcement in bringing the perpetrators to justice. 

Cameras that are placed too low, however, are at risk of being tampered with. Tampered cameras could not only cost you as you will need to replace them, but they will also severely undermine your security.

Placing Cameras Where There Are Blind Spots

It is important when placing your cameras that you consider any potential blind spots so that you can minimise their impact or avoid them entirely if possible. Ideally, you would want all key parts of your property covered. Corners are common blind spots that should be navigated. You should consider the camera placement with respect to trees as well since they grow and change shape over time. 

Cameras should also be placed in such a way as to minimise potential interference from things like birds or other critters. Putting a camera in a position where a bird's nest might be built right in front of it would compromise the camera's ability to provide clear footage.

Not Fastening Cameras Properly

When mounting your security cameras, you should ensure that they are fastened securely. Make sure that whatever they are fastened to is capable of supporting the weight of the camera, and that the screws or bolts used are in good condition. Whatever structure the camera is fastened to should also be inaccessible to potential intruders so that they cannot undermine the structure and gain access to the camera. 

Placing Cameras Where They Invade Privacy

Security cameras are great for monitoring your own property. However, it is a common problem for security cameras to accidentally undermine the privacy of neighbours. Therefore, you should be mindful of privacy concerns when placing cameras. Avoid pointing them at neighbours' properties so that you do not accidentally invade their privacy, as this could have potential legal ramifications.

Placing Cameras Out Of Wi-Fi Range

When placing your security cameras, it is important to ensure that they are within range of your home's Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi does not reach the area where the camera needs to be placed, then you should consider installing Wi-Fi extenders so that the camera can connect properly. When cameras do not connect properly to Wi-Fi, it can undermine the camera's ability to provide all of the advanced features that it offers, such as remote monitoring and cloud storage. 

For more information on our camera systems and perimeter fencing solutions, contact us at Betafence today. Customers who buy a fencing solution to the value of R35 000 will receive a Lymeta & Co wireless security camera free with their purchase.