DeltaView Secure for Estates

Feb 28, 2024

DeltaView Secure for Estates | Betafence SA

Estate living has become the go-to for South Africans who wish to have a safe and secure lifestyle, free from the worry that criminal elements might be lurking beyond the borders. 

However, the security of an estate is only as good as its perimeter security. This is why it’s so important to have a reliable fencing solution that is impermeable to would-be trespassers. Not only does it need to be robust and impenetrable, but it also needs to look appealing so as to enhance rather than detract from the estate’s aesthetic beauty.

This is where Betafence’s DeltaView high security panel fences come into their own, providing a reliable and consistent perimeter security solution that also looks great. Here are some of the features of this high-end fencing solution:

An Impenetrable Barrier

The DeltaView high security fencing solution is made from a tightly welded mesh of galvanised steel wires, making it very difficult to gain leverage for cutting with hand tools and virtually impossible to climb without specialised equipment.

The 60% to 75% weld strength makes it difficult to pry apart. Additionally, the high tensile wire, which has a minimum tensile strength of 700 MPa – just shy of the strength of the cables used to hold up bridges! Unless criminals bring sophisticated power tools along, they will have a very hard time getting through these fences.

A Long-Lasting Solution

Due to the double protection afforded by the galvanised steel wire and the PVC paint coating, our DeltaView panel fences can withstand all weather conditions without corroding. This ensures that they will last years without needing refurbishment or replacement.

To make them even more enduring, our fencing solutions are designed to be erected and secured without drilling holes into the posts, thereby eliminating additional points where corrosion can occur. All of this serves to make DeltaView a stronger, more reliable, and more secure fencing solution.

Superior Aesthetics

With DeltaView, your perimeter won’t just be rock solid but good looking as well. The welded wire mesh fencing is not only neat but almost completely see-through, allowing you to show off your estate’s beauty to the outside world, attracting desirable investors and residents.

Moreover, the visibility provides an added security benefit as well, as it allows your security personnel to more effectively police the perimeter, preventing would-be trespassers from finding anywhere to hide.

At Betafence, we pride ourselves on being able to offer high security fence solutions that ensure your estate is safe. Check out our online store for our full range of DeltaView Secure panel fencing solutions and upgrade your security today. Contact us now for more information.