DIY Fence Installation in Pretoria: What You Need To Know

Oct 26, 2023

Lady installing fence

Why dip into your savings to pay a professional team to handle your fence installation in Pretoria when you could simply do it yourself? As your trusted fencing experts in South Africa, Betafence has put together this comprehensive fence installation guide to help simplify your next DIY fencing project.

Why Opt for DIY Fence Installation?

The main reason why people choose DIY fence installation instead of getting a professional team to put up their fence is the cost-saving benefits associated with doing something yourself. In addition to DIY being a lot cheaper, it provides you with the opportunity to learn a new skill, bond with your family members, and have the fence installed exactly to your liking.

Which Types of Fences Are Easiest to Install?

DIY fence installation may not be possible for all types of fencing, although your skills and experience will be an important factor when determining the possibilities. Two of the easiest types of fences to install include palisade fencing and wire mesh panels. Both types are affordable, sturdy, aesthetically appealing, and offer straightforward installation.

3 Things to Consider When Installing a Fence

  1. The fence’s purpose: Is it a perimeter fence? Is it to keep your pets on your property? Does it need to provide security? This will help you determine the type of fence you need and how high it should be.
  2. Your budget: How much can you realistically spend on this fencing project?
  3. The time you have available: When will you install your fence?

Useful Tips for DIY Fence Installation

  • Take your time when it comes to planning your installation. Rushing may lead to mistakes, which can have costly consequences
  • Ask friends or family members for help. You’ll most likely need an extra set of hands from time to time during the installation.
  • Make use of online resources, including in-depth fence installation guides and videos.
  • Make sure you have all the tools and materials you need before you begin your fence installation in Pretoria.

Find everything you need for your fence installation in Pretoria when browsing Betafence’s comprehensive online shop. If you have any questions, simply get in touch with our knowledgeable team.