EasyView Installation Tools Checklist

Nov 22, 2022

EasyView Installation Tools Checklist - blog |

When installing panel fences for the first time, understanding the tools and steps required can be daunting. That is why we have designed the Betafence fence configurator to help you understand what is needed to erect your fence successfully. In this article, we explain the tools you need to include on your checklist to install your DIY fencing solution with ease. 


Fence panels are the backbone of every fence. They work together to create a traditional fencing system for improved privacy, sectioning, and security. These metal panels are available in two sizes: EasyView 1.14m Panel (Width: 2480mm) and EasyView 1.71m Panel (Width: 2480mm), depending on your needs.


Gates are your means of entering and exiting your property or the section of the land you have fenced off. Gates are essential in the fence installation toolbox, so choose carefully. There are two primary options on offer in our easy-to-install EasyView selection: EasyView 1.71m x 1.07m Gate (1230mm post to post) or EasyView 1.10m x 1.07m Gate (1230mm post to post)


Your posts are essential to this checklist because they act as the support system for the rest of the fence. Ensure you have a spade on hand because these need to be set into the ground. We have two options for you, and our calculator will help you determine the one best suited to your needs. They are the EasyView 1.6m Post (60 x 40mm Rectangular Tube) and EasyView 2.1m Fence Posts (60 x 40mm Rectangular Tube).


Fixators secure your fencing system in place, ensuring it's durable and sturdy. You can choose between the Nylon Fixators (includes set of security bolts and nuts) or Metal Fixators (includes set of security bolts and nuts), which our calculator will help with, of course. 

Base Plates 

Your base plate completes the load path into the foundation, acting as an interface between the structure and the foundation. Easyview Base plate 150mm x 100mm x 230mm (Upright) is the best solution available, and we have one right in our shop kit.

Now that you have your checklist for your first easy-to-install fencing solution, you are ready to begin. Head to our calculator to determine how much of each part is needed to solidify the ideal fence! For assistance with the provision and installation of your fence, contact us today.