How The EasyView Fence Weathers In SA's Seasons

Nov 16, 2022

EasyView clear view mesh fence installation

At Betafence, our customers rely on us to provide durable boundary fence solutions to keep their properties safe and secure. In South Africa, fences are exposed to the weather and elements that can cause damage over time. An EasyView fence is a fantastic perimeter solution for anyone looking for a strong, anti-corrosion fence. 

How Does Weather Affect Fences?

In South Africa, the three main weather events that can affect your metal fence are: rain, hail and wind. In other parts of the world, snow can be a fence’s worst nightmare, but this is not a problem the majority of South Africans need to be concerned about. Rain, hail and wind can affect your fence in the following ways:

  • Rain means water which, for metal fences, can cause rust and corrosion.
  • As chunks of ice hit your property, major property damage can occur. Walls, roofs, cars and your metal fence can be dented or even broken when hit by hail.
  • South African winds can be strong enough to lift, bend, buckle or even remove your metal fence entirely. 

What Does Corrosion Mean For A Fence?

Corrosion and rust can occur on metal fences when they are exposed to sunlight and moisture for long periods of time. Rust and corrosion are invasive, eating through the metal slowly but surely. This effect is sped up in coastal areas where the air is humid and salt-filled as these conditions leave the metal fence constantly exposed to moisture without relenting. 

Why Is An Anti-Corrosion Fence Necessary? 

Over time, corrosion and rust will weaken your fence and eventually lead to damage beyond repair. A damaged fence is no good for your property’s security as it can be easily broken and allow trespassers access. The damage caused by rust and corrosion can also become unsightly, making your property the neighbourhood eyesore. With an anti-corrosion fence, you can rest assured that your fence will remain strong, durable and look great for years to come. 

How An EasyView Fence Weathers South Africa’s Seasons

EasyView fences are a durable fence solution that will stand the test of South Africa’s seasons in several ways: 

Welded: EasyView fences are sturdily made and welded together, capable of withstanding strong winds and hail.

PVC Coated: The PVC coating makes EasyView effective as an anti-corrosion fence.

Increased Stability: The reinforced bends in each EasyView panel and the sturdy EasyView posts make the fence stable and reliable. 

Metal fencing is only anti-corrosive if properly coated with specialised coatings like PVC. If these coatings are not applied, your fence will likely rust and deteriorate rapidly. The EasyView fence system uses innovative anti-corrosive technology and PVC coating to remain in prime condition from the day it’s installed on your property.

Here at Betafence, you can create a durable boundary fence with our readily available EasyView components. You can rely on your anti-corrosion fence to keep your home safe and secure without wavering, no matter the weather conditions it is exposed to. Betafence makes erecting a fence as simple as can be, providing components and all the instructions you need to install a high-quality fence on your own! 

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