Partitioning Fences: The Ultimate Solution For Dividing Large Outdoor Spaces

May 17, 2023

Partitioning Fences: Dividing Large Outdoor Spaces

If you have a large outdoor space, creating different areas that serve various purposes can be challenging. Whether you want to separate your garden from your outdoor dining space or create a children's play area, a partitioning fence can be an excellent solution. 

Benefits Of Partitioning Your Yard Space

One of the key advantages of partitioning your outdoor space is that it allows you to create distinct zones. For example, you might want to create a seating zone where you can just relax and enjoy the view, a children's play area with swings and slides, or a secure vegetable garden where you can grow your own produce without pets or children damaging it. 

Another benefit of using a partitioning fence is that it can help improve privacy and security in your outdoor space. If you have neighbours nearby, a partitioning fence can provide a physical barrier between your property and theirs, which can help prevent unwanted intrusions and ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space in peace. 

If you have children or pets who like to play outside, a partitioning fence can provide an extra security layer to keep them safe and prevent them from having access to driveways and roads. 

A partitioning fence can also reduce neighbourhood noise, like loud voices, music and passing cars, creating a more peaceful and harmonious environment.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Partitioning Fence

  • Fence height: This will determine the amount of privacy and security the fence will offer. Use our handy fence calculator to aid in this step.
  • Style and design of the fence: The fence’s aesthetic look and feel will be determined by what type of fencing and design you opt for. Look for something that will blend in with the rest of your outdoor space, like the Easy View Panel Fencing System.
  • Your budget: Establishing how much you have available for your fencing project may affect the type of fence you choose. Remember to factor in any maintenance costs associated with your choice. You can also consider other ideas to transform your back garden as part of the project.

Need help deciding which partitioning fence to choose or need advice on creating different zones in your outdoor space? Our team of experts at Betefence can help! We can provide you with a free consultation to discuss your requirements and recommend the best partitioning fence for your needs. Contact us today to help you create your ideal outdoor areas.