The Different Applications of Pantanet Essential: A Convenient Fence on a Roll

Sep 15, 2023

Welded mesh fence green installed

Pantanet Essential is a versatile offering from Betafence South Africa that offers you convenience, easy installation (thanks to its lightweight properties), and a wide range of applications!  

The fence on a roll is made of a strong and durable PVC-coated welded mesh, which is ideal for corrosion resistance. The mesh aspect of the fence also provides visibility and allows you to enjoy your surroundings with unobstructed views. The Pantanet Essential fence posts are round, PES-coated, and come in two different heights.

Let’s take a look at some of the uses Pantanet Essential fencing can offer property owners.

Perimeter Fence

Creating a perimeter fence is always a good idea, as it shows the boundary line of your property and adds an extra level of security. Pantanet Essential offers an affordable and easy-to-install solution for those looking to invest in a durable perimeter fence.

Partitioning Fence in Your Garden

If you already have a perimeter fence in place but you’re looking to partition a part of your garden to divide it into different areas, such as a front garden and a back garden, then the solution offered by the Pantanet Essentials fence on a roll could work perfectly.

Pet Fence

Keeping pets on your property is very important, as there are many potential dangers out there, including cars, other animals, and even people. Pantanet Essential is ideal for creating a pet fence that your dogs and cats won’t be able to get over (or through), keeping them safe and sound in your garden.

Multipurpose Fence

Let’s face it: In most cases, a fence does not serve a singular purpose. Most of the time, your fence will act as a perimeter boundary, a security fence, and a way of keeping your pets on your property. The great thing about Pantanet Essential is that it can serve all of these purposes and more.

Ready to purchase your Pantanet Essential fence on a roll? Purchase everything you need today so that you can begin the installation process as soon as possible and begin to bask in the many benefits this Betafence product has to offer. Contact our knowledgeable team today if you have any questions.