Betafence: Elevating Pool Safety with SA’s First SABS-Approved Pool Fence

Mar 27, 2024

Betafence: Elevating Pool Safety with SA’s First SABS-Approved Pool Fence | Betafence SA

Summertime in South Africa means pool time. There is nothing quite like spending those long sunny days in December to March lounging at the pool. But with pool safety always in the back of your mind, it can be difficult to relax completely.

Harrowing stats show that every year, an average of 236 000 people (children and adults combined) fatally drown, many of them in swimming pools. Other stats show that of the top 10 dog breeds in South Africa, 2 of those breeds (bulldogs and miniature schnauzers) do not know how to swim, regardless of whether or not they are old. 

That’s why Betafence South Africa has developed a new pool fence – the very first SABS approved fence for the South African market.

Introducing Betafence’s Pool Fence

Our pool fence is offered as a complete DIY Kit. This means that all the fence elements – from the fence panels to the fence posts and gates – are delivered as a complete system. The fencing system includes a gate and other parts for a speedy and convenient installation. 

The metal bar fencing complies with height requirements of at least 1.2m tall and is non-scalable, meaning that small children and animals are not able to use the fence to climb over to the other side. The gate has an auto-closing function so that it cannot be left open, and the latch can be locked with a padlock for extra safety. 

Which Properties Does the Pool Fence Suit?

The strict safety specifications of our new pool fence makes it a perfect solution not only for private swimming pools, but also for commercial applications at public areas such guest lodges, hotels, crèches, or daycare facilities.

Betafence’s Dedication to Innovation and Safety

Our dedication to South African citizens’ safety has always been unwavering. As pioneers of the first SABS approved pool fence in South Africa, it’s a testament to our commitment to setting the highest standards in fencing systems

In the design pool fence’s design process, we pushed not only meeting regulations but exceeding expectations, ensuring that every pool is surrounded by a fence that complies and inspires confidence in property owners in its reliability and effectiveness. 

Are you considering upgrading a feature around your property or need to create a certifiably safe space for pets and children? Betafence has the solution! Shop our fencing solutions online or get in touch with us with your questions. Invest in your peace of mind with Betafence.