Choosing The Perfect Garden Gate: Style and Functionality

Mar 20, 2024

Choosing The Perfect Garden Gate: Style and Functionality | Betafence SA

If you’re looking to secure your garden entrance and have been exploring various garden gate selection options, then you might have come across some suppliers telling you that you need to choose between aesthetics and functionality.

Thankfully, with Betafence, you don’t have to choose between having a stylish garden gate and a functional gate. You can have both! Let’s look at some of the options available to you, and explain why choosing the right gate should be as easy as walking through it.

Palisade or Welded Wire Mesh Gate

Choosing whether you want a palisade or welded wire mesh gate should be simple. All you need to do is choose the type that matches the rest of your perimeter fencing. If you have palisade fencing around your property, then a palisade gate will fit in seamlessly.

Likewise, if you have welded wire mesh EasyView fencing along your perimeter, then a matching fence will give your property a sleek and uniform look.At Betafence, we offer both kinds of gates to match our range of fencing options, making for a complete and holistic perimeter security solution that looks great.

Pedestrian Gates

If you want a pedestrian gate in either palisade or EasyView style, you need to decide on the size.  

Our palisade pedestrian gates are all the same height at 1 000 mm. However, you can choose between three different widths at 2 050 mm, 1 750mm, or 1 050 mm. Wider gates make it easier to get things like bicycles or lawnmowers through. However, if you only intend to walk through it, then a slimmer gate might be a better choice.

When it comes to our EasyView garden gates, we offer two different height options, 1.10 m and 1.71 m. The lower height might be good in scenarios where less security is required and to match a lower garden fence. The larger height is ideal for higher-security pedestrian access.

Double Leaf Swing or Sliding Gates 

For vehicular access, you’re going to need a bigger gate. That’s where our double leaf swing or sliding gates come into play.

Our EasyView double leaf swing gates offer versatile access, allowing you to open either one or both sides of the gate depending on your needs. This option is perfect for situations where a sliding gate might not be feasible due to the gate’s placement or the surrounding infrastructure.

In terms of sliding gates, we have a range of size options in both palisade and EasyView styles. These gates can be fitted with motors to enable automated control for enhanced convenience and safety.

We pride ourselves on providing the best garden entrance solutions to suit any style or function. Whether you’re looking for a functional gate or a stylish garden gate, we have what you need. Visit our online store to see our garden gate selection, or contact us to find out more.