Choosing The Right Fence Material: A South African Perspective

Mar 13, 2024

Choosing The Right Fence Material: A South African Perspective | Betafence SA

When it comes to choosing South African fencing solutions, one has to take into consideration three critical factors: the high crime rate, harsh weather conditions, and the need for reasonable pricing owing to difficult economic conditions.

This means that any fence material guide worth its salt is going to point South Africans to fencing solutions that can effectively repel determined intruders and withstand the weather, all at a reasonable price.

Let’s check out a few key fencing materials available in South Africa.

Chain-Link Fencing

Traditional chain-link fencing is made from galvanised steel wire intertwined in a diamond-shaped pattern to create a continuous barrier. This cheap and commonly-seen fencing solution is used for securing large areas on a budget.

While the galvanised steel wire is resistant to rust and corrosion, it is easily cut. Moreover, the fact that this type of fencing features no welding makes it easy for trespassers to unravel after cutting. The diamond-shaped pattern also provides numerous footholds and handholds for trespassers to easily climb over.

While it’s cheap, chain-link fencing is a less-than-desirable solution for South African applications owing to its inability to effectively repel trespassers.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is a popular fencing solution in South Africa owing to its aesthetic appeal and strength. Made from galvanised steel and then sometimes powder coated, these sturdy steel-bar fences effectively withstand the elements for years without any issue.

However, while they appear strong and can effectively repel intruders, palisade fences have a weakness in that the vertical bars are fairly easy to pry off with a crowbar – especially when they’re only welded onto the horizontal support. However, bolting the vertical bars to the horizontal struts rather than just welding them can make palisade fences much more secure.

While these fences are attractive and strong, they can be a little expensive and difficult to install.

Welded Wire Mesh Fencing

Welded wire mesh fencing has taken off in popularity around South Africa thanks to its ease of installation, ability to withstand harsh weather, and effectiveness at keeping trespassers at bay.

Made from galvanised steel wire welded together in a tight-knit mesh and coated with PVC for improved corrosion resistance, these fences come in competitively priced prefabricated panels that can be installed just about anywhere. 

The tight mesh provides no agency for footholds or handholds, and the fact that every vertical and horizontal wire is strongly welded together makes cutting these fences open a very difficult and lengthy process.

What’s more, these fences are neat and attractive while providing unmatched visibility for improved security and aesthetic appeal.

As a leading South African fencing supplier, Betafence can ensure you get the right fence material for the job. If you found our fence material guide useful, then check out our online store or contact us today for all of your fencing needs.