Betafence Launches in South Africa

Mar 03, 2022

Betafence Launches in South Africa |

As the world leader in perimeter fencing solutions, Betafence has been providing innovative products to the world for over 135 years. Betafence South Africa delivers the quality and expertise of this globally acclaimed fencing expert, providing peace of mind to residential, commercial and industrial clients across the country. 

The origins of Betafence date all the way back to its early beginnings as a barbed wire manufacturer in the 1880s. In the rural village of Zwevegem in Belgium, Leo Leander Bekaert saw an opportunity to assist farmers in securing their fields using barbed wire fencing and posts. His invention was patented in 1881, and as the company began to grow, additional features such as a protective zinc layer were added by the end of the 1880s. Eventually, in 2005, the fencing division of Bekaert was sold, becoming Betafence. 

Today, the company has become a trusted name in perimeter fencing, with a wide product range and a supply network around the globe. 

Why Choose Betafence South Africa?

Betafence South Africa integrated perimeter security systems and fence installation. Ideal for homes and businesses, our solutions are designed to provide peace of mind. Our products include fencing panels, posts, gates and fixators. Quick installation means that all products can be installed easily with minimal DIY expertise or experience. We also have a network of trusted installation partners for those wanting professionally installed fences. 

What sets Betafence apart is the quality of our products. All panels, gates and products are made from corrosion-resistant PVC-coated metal ensuring maximum durability and a long lifespan. The design of our EasyView fencing allows for unobstructed views, securing your premises without blocking off light or interfering with security camera vision range. 

Adding to the security benefits, fence panels and posts are designed to be hard to climb, with strategically-placed barbs on the top of the panels. 

A contemporary, sleek design makes all of our products enhance the look of your premises. Panels blend into the surroundings, without unsightly walls or outdated fencing. 

Shop the Betafence range or contact us today to learn more about Betafence South Africa.