Gate Automation: Convenience and Security Combined

May 14, 2024

Gate Automation: Convenience and Security Combined - blog | Betafence SA

In South Africa, it is essential to ensure you have secure access to your property. Automated gate systems are the ideal solution, facilitating both convenience and security. These convenient gates utilise gate automation technology for effortless entry and exit while also safeguarding your home against unauthorised access.

Let's take a look at the reasons why gate automation is both convenient and safer.

Controlled Access

With an automatic gate, you can have more control over who has access to your property, ensuring only authorised individuals can enter. Automated gates present various access control enhancement features, such as keypads, remote controls, card readers and more. 

These can even be programmed to ensure access is restricted to certain people at restricted times, thereby enhancing security and limiting unauthorised access.

Protection Against Hijacking

Unfortunately, many hijackings take place when people arrive at their homes or places of business. The need to manually leave the car and unlock the gate makes them vulnerable to attack. 

With an automated gate, you can stay safe in your car, open the gate just in time for you to enter and have it close automatically behind you to help prevent these kinds of problems. This minimises the opportunity for criminals to take advantage of your vulnerability and hijack your vehicle.

Effortless Entry and Exit

Entering and leaving the property is simple and convenient, as there is no need to get out of the vehicle once you’re seated. Whether you're arriving home after a long day or leaving in a hurry, it is easy to press a button from the comfort of your car, saving you time and effort. The same is true for remote-controlled gates at commercial properties.

Customisable Automation

One of the greatest benefits of automated gates is that they offer a range of different customisable automation features that can be tailored to one's preferences or requirements. These could include things like timer-based opening and closing, vehicle detection sensors, or integrations with GPS-based systems. 

Various advanced security features can also be added, such as ensuring only cars fitted with a particular sensor can open the gate. These customisation options enhance security and convenience by ensuring the gate operates perfectly in alignment with the routines and requirements of those who require access.

Here at Betafence, we offer a range of welded wire mesh and palisade gate options, which can be fitted with automated gate systems to provide secure access. Contact us or visit our online store for more information on the access control products we have to offer.