Welded Mesh Fencing Installation Made Easy: Diy Tips and Techniques

May 21, 2024

Welded Mesh Fencing Installation Made Easy: Diy Tips and Techniques - blog | Betafence SA

When installing DIY welded mesh fencing, be sure to check out tips and tricks from our experienced team for a super easy fence setup. Using our fencing installation tips, you can speed up the process and look forward to a professional end-result.

Read on to check out some useful mesh fence techniques:

Demarcate Your Perimeter First 

Before you start digging holes, inserting posts, and pouring concrete, make sure to clearly and carefully mark out the path of the fence around the perimeter. 

By carefully demarcating the path of the fence using pegs to mark the post positions and brightly coloured string to mark the path of the fence, you can avoid time-consuming errors.

Start With the Gate

It’s recommended you start with the gate. This is because the gate is often positioned over an existing path or driveway, so it acts as a useful anchor for the rest of the fence. Moreover, installing the gate first allows you to accurately measure the gate opening and adjust the spacing for fence sections accordingly. 

Use Panels to Measure Post Positions

Although you will use pegs and string to measure out the posts in advance, this should be considered a guide. Following up with additional measurements using the actual panels will ensure your fence post holes are dug in exactly the right spot.

By attaching a panel to the last installed post before digging the next hole, you can ensure you don’t accidentally dig holes in the wrong places. By taking the time to ensure greater accuracy, you will minimise time spent on potential errors.

Wait for the Gate Posts to Cure 

Although it adds a day to your installation schedule, it is highly advisable that you wait for the concrete holding the gate posts to cure before starting with the rest of the installation. With these posts firmly in place and perfectly levelled, it becomes far easier to ensure the rest of the posts are level too. This is because the subsequent posts are installed with rigid panels to keep them upright.

If the gate posts are level, the rest of the fence will be too.

Here at Betafence, we pride ourselves on facilitating high quality, easy fence setups. Check out our online store for our range of welded mesh fencing for DIY enthusiasts, or contact us for more fence installation tips.