Wire Mesh Fence Installation Guide: A Secure Perimeter for Your Property

May 28, 2024

Wire Mesh Fence Installation Guide: A Secure Perimeter for Your Property - blog | Betafence SA

If you are installing one of our wire mesh fencing products, such as the Betafence EasyView, then you’ve made a great choice. Rest assured, you will have a secure perimeter installation once all is said and done.

We’ve designed these fences to be DIY friendly with the assistance of our fencing guide.

What You Will Need 

Aside from the fencing product itself, you'll need premix concrete, a spanner, a pickaxe, a spade, a spirit level, a tape measure, a hammer, and some coloured line and pegs to help you demarcate the fence posts. Once you have these items in hand, you're ready to get started.

What Betafence Will Provide

To install your fencing, we will supply you with EasyView panels, posts, post caps, post clamps, stainless steel bolts, shear-off nuts, as well as a hexagonal Allen key to tighten everything in place.

To make sure you order the right quantity of everything, check out our fence configurator.

Installing The Gate

We recommend you start with the gate first.

To do so, dig two holes for gate posts. Once you have dug these holes, which should be about a foot deep, place the first gate post in the hole and fill it with the premix concrete. The concrete needs to cure for at least 24 to 48 hours. Make sure the pole is perfectly level before walking away. Once the gate post has been installed, fasten the bottom gate hinge to the post using the bolts provided. 

Once this is complete, hang the gate on the hinges. Now, position and fasten both hinges using the provided bolts.

Once you have securely fastened the first gate post, position and install the second gate post following the same instructions. The post needs to be perfectly vertical, aligned parallel with the gate and positioned at least 25 mm away. Make sure the barrel bolt on the gate lines up with the hole in the gate post. 

With all in place, fill the hole with premade concrete, check the levels, and leave it to cure.

Fence Panels

Once the gate has been installed and the posts have cured in place, it is time to install the fence. 

Fix the first panel to the gate hinge post using Betafence’s patented clamp system and the bolt set provided. Once complete, dig the hole for the next post. 

Position the post in the new hole, check the levels, and fix it to the adjacent panel. Once complete, fill the hole with premix concrete and check all levels one more time before leaving it to cure. 

Repeat this process for each panel until the perimeter is completed. If the fence panels need to be angled, simply position them accordingly and fasten them using the clamp and bolt set as required. 

Try to provide support for the posts to ensure they don't lean during the curing process overnight.

Final Touches

Once the concrete has cured and the fence is securely in place, it is time to hammer the post caps in place using a rubber hammer. These caps are important as they help prevent rust and corrosion. 

Finally, clean the fence and use touch-up paint to fix any scratches that may have occurred during the installation.

If you are looking for easy-to-install wire mesh fencing, then you have come to the right place. Betafence offers secure perimeter installation with a simple-to-follow fencing guide for a seamless wire mesh fence setup. Contact us or visit our online store for more information on our fencing products.