Wire Mesh Fence Maintenance Guide: Tips for a Long-Lasting Fence

Jun 05, 2024

Tips for a Long-Lasting Wire Mesh Fence | Betafence SA

Well-made welded wire mesh fencing can last many years before needing replacement, moreso if it is well-maintained.

In this brief fence maintenance guide, we’ll uncover some long-lasting fence tips to ensure that your fence remains a dependable security barrier for longer.

PVC Touch-Ups

One of the most basic aspects of wire mesh fence care is a simple paint touch-up. Scratches most commonly occur during installation or repairs, but they can also happen during attempted breaches or just as a result of normal wear and tear.

The PVC coating provides excellent protection against the elements, waterproofing the wire mesh to protect it from rust. Although the wire underneath is galvanised for added protection, when it becomes exposed, the risk of rust developing increases.

Doing a periodic visual inspection of the fence can help you identify areas in need of touch-ups, especially in areas affected by tree branches, attempted breaches, or repair work. Use a can of PVC touch-up paint to get your fence looking as good as new.

Check Post Caps

Post caps are small plastic caps that are inserted into the tops of the fence posts as a finishing touch. While it might be assumed that these are simply aesthetic flourishes, they serve a more crucial function than that. 

Post caps prevent water from pooling up inside the hollow fence post, which can cause rust to develop and weaken the posts over time. If your post caps have started to perish from extended exposure or if they have been removed, replace them as soon as possible.

Trim Back Vegetation

Vegetation encroaching on your fence can potentially do significant damage if left unchecked. Roots from nearby trees can push and tilt the fence from underneath, while the branches bend and scratch the fence higher up. 

Therefore, it’s best to keep vegetation, especially trees, trimmed back away to avoid damage and safeguard the integrity of your fence.

Regular trimming also promotes good air circulation around the fence, allowing it to dry properly and preventing moisture-related damage in scratched areas. 

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