Keeping Intruders Out: Choose the Best High Security Fence

Jun 12, 2024

Choose the Best High Security Fence | Betafence SA

If you're looking for a high-security fence to protect your property from intruders, look no further than the Betafence Deltaview welded mesh fencing solution.

Made from high-quality mesh fencing wire, this fence for sale will give you peace of mind knowing your perimeter is secure. 

Let's take a quick look at some features of the Delta fence and why this fencing material is the best option.

100% Visibility

Like many of the other fencing solutions available through Betafence, the Deltaview offers 100% visibility. This enables you to have greater control over your perimeter by providing a better view of any potential approaching threats. With this fencing solution, there is nowhere for criminals and intruders to hide.

Made to Last

One of the best aspects of the Betafence range is that the panels are constructed with the highest quality in mind. These mesh fences have a 60% to 70% weld strength and are made from high-tensile wire capable of withstanding as much as 700 MPa. 

This means it is nearly impossible to penetrate the fence using handheld tools, and only high-powered electric cutting devices can hope to breach this robust barrier.

Can Withstand Any Environment

The tough-as-nails construction of the Deltaview fence means the panels and other fixtures are durable and strong. The panels have a high-tensile wire composition with extremely strong welds guaranteed to withstand all weather conditions to ensure their longevity. 

The galvanised wire is coated with a weather-resistant PVC coating that not only gives it an aesthetically appealing look but also ensures resistance against weathering so it won’t rust.

Tamper-Proof Fixation

The Deltaview panels and posts are fitted together using highly secure fixings and brackets to make sure the fence is impenetrable and tamper-proof. 

The Deltaview Secure Flat Max Fixators provide an additional layer of reinforcement, with M6 stainless steel security bolts and shear-off nuts used to firmly secure the panels to the posts. This ensures there is no way for intruders to tamper with or vandalise the fence.

Various additions can be added to the fence, such as a top guard rail, to provide an extra layer of protection.

There is nothing on the market quite as reliable as the Deltaview high-security fence. Check out Betafence's online store for mesh fencing prices and fence installation tools, among various other fencing products. Contact us for questions about our high-quality welded mesh fencing solutions.