How Does Purchasing Betafence Products Support The South African Economy?

Mar 01, 2023

Betafence South Africa local staff picture

Whenever you purchase a Betafence fencing solution, such as our EasyView Range, to improve your security, you’re contributing to the South African economy and helping to sustain jobs. 

The South African economy has been struggling of late, thanks to load shedding, COVID-19 aftershocks, rising inflation, and more. Currently, unemployment is sitting at about 33%, which means that about one-third of the country’s workforce is without a job. Therefore, every bit of money that flows into the economy helps. 

Here are some ways that supporting Betafence supports the South African economy.

Local Jobs

Although the Betafence brand is a global one that is headquartered in the United Kingdom, it has manufacturing facilities in South Africa that employ more than 60 local workers. As the business grows and expands by supplying neighbouring countries, the capacity for South African employment grows.

Training And Upskilling

All of our workers receive regular in-house training and upskilling as part of the job. This training and the skills that are learned are often transferred into the rest of the industry, thereby contributing to a better-skilled and more employable labour force.

Small Business Support

Betafence supports a network of approved installers across the country. These small businesses collectively employ a lot of people who would otherwise not have a job. Moreover, many of those small businesses that do Betafence installations have benefitted from the training and upskilling that we give to our workers.

Support Equality

It’s no secret that there is still a great need for better economic equality in South Africa. Since Betafence South Africa is a Level 2 broad-based black economic empowerment contributor, we can proudly say that our business is dedicated to the upliftment of the previously marginalised part of the population.

Local Manufacturing

We contribute to the circular economy by ensuring that the wire for our fencing products is made from as much as 92% recycled materials, thereby supporting local suppliers of these materials. We can proudly say that our uncoated products are 100% locally made. 

Protecting Local Businesses

Crime affects us all, including businesses. Many businesses have been able to avoid getting cleaned out by criminals thanks to installing Betafence fencing products on their premises to keep not only their property safe but their personnel as well.

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