How To Calculate How Many Betafence Panels You Will Need

Dec 28, 2022

How To Calculate How Many Betafence Panels You Will Need - blog | Betafence

Betafence provides cost-effective DIY fencing systems suitable for several applications. However, when it comes to figuring out how many panels you will need for your new Betafence fencing system, we want to make it as straightforward for you as possible. 

Below, we explain how you can quickly calculate the number of panel fences you need to erect your fencing solution. 

Measure The Perimeter 

Accurately measuring your perimeter is the first step to determining the number of panels needed. A straightforward method is using Google Maps! Google Maps makes it easy to find your location, switch to satellite view, and choose the measure distance option. You can then create a fence line on the program ‒ it's as easy as that! 

However, remember any obstacles, such as trees, that may be in the way, even when using accurate tools like Google Maps. 

Do You Want A Gate?

Deciding whether or not you want a gate will affect the number of panels needed for your property. You will have to subtract its width from the final perimeter measurement before dividing that calculation into the number of Easyview panels required. We have two gate options depending on your requirements. Therefore, carefully consider your needs and determine if you want easy pedestrian access to your property.  

Calculations Including & Excluding A Gate 

Choosing not to include a gate makes the calculation slightly simpler. Without the addition, all you have to do is take the total length of your perimeter in millimetres, divide it by the measurement of the panels (2520mm) and round it up to determine the number of panels needed. 

With the gate, you need to subtract the gate length (1230mm) from the perimeter length. Then, you can divide this total amount by the panel length to reach your final calculation. 

What Extra Additions Are Needed? 

Now that you know how many panels and gates you need, it's time to tackle the extras required to erect your fencing system. Firstly, you will need posts. Our anti-corrosive posts hold the panels in place and offer immense stability. Secondly, you will need fixators, which fix your panels securely to the posts. We designed these for quick, easy and durable installation, which is why Betafence systems are so popular and effective. 

At Betafence, we make placing your order with us easy. Either shop our products online, or if you have any questions, contact us today.