How To Inspect Your Boundary Fence For Weaknesses

Jun 14, 2023

How To Inspect Your Boundary Fence For Weaknesses - blog | Betafence SA

While wire mesh fencing is tough, strong, and long-lasting, it does require periodic inspections, maintenance, and repairs. If your perimeter fence is damaged in any way, it can undermine your security. 

To ensure that your fencing system is still in good condition and capable of repelling all intruders, do a thorough inspection of your fence on a regular basis to make sure that no weaknesses are evident and to detect any attempts at breaches. Detecting these issues early can save you from a potential security incident later on and can also save you money on expensive repairs.

Here are some things to look out for:


While our fencing products are thoroughly coated to prevent rust, it is still possible in some circumstances. It is more of a concern for very old fences or fences that have somehow been damaged. 

If rust were to occur, it would usually start around joints, hinges, and bolts. If these attachment points were not properly sealed on installation or if the seals have deteriorated, then rust can begin to take hold. Thankfully, small amounts of rust can be treated relatively easily, so the sooner it's detected, the better.


While our wire mesh fence panels are extraordinarily strong, they can still suffer damage from, for example, a tree falling or perhaps a car reversing into the fence by mistake. Incidents such as these can cause holes, dents, or bent wires. If any of the panels have suffered damage such as this, they should be replaced. 

While a dented fence may not technically be breached as yet, it does weaken the overall structure, making it easier for criminals to get in. If you are unsure about the severity of the damage, contact a Betafence expert to advise you on the way forward.

Loose Wires

Any loose wires in your wire mesh fencing can pose a potentially serious compromise to the fence's strength and security. A loose wire is seldom caused by natural wear and tear because Betafence wire mesh fences are very securely welded together. 

Therefore, a loose wire is almost always an indication that someone has attempted to cut the fence. Criminals will sometimes cut certain sections of the fence over a series of days or weeks, hoping that you won't notice. This then allows them to gain access after they have cut enough struts to bend the fence open. Any wire mesh that has come loose from its welding or has been cut should be repaired immediately. If the damage is severe enough, then the whole panel should be replaced.

Loose Posts

Loose fence posts are a potentially serious threat to your fence’s stability and security. The solidity of the fence posts can be easily checked by simply jiggling them with your hand. If the posts wobble or seem in any way unstable, they should be resecured in the ground with fresh cement. If a post is not securely anchored, it can be easily knocked down and cause a security breach.


Overgrown vegetation and trees around the fence can cause damage. It can also undermine visibility, which can increase the risk of security incidents occurring. Vegetation near the fence should be cut back to ensure that it does not touch the fence or grow over it. 

While certain plants will not damage the fence, thick and strong vines, tree roots, or branches can, bending it or pushing the fence over if left unchecked. Always ensure that vegetation is kept away from the fence

If you suspect that your boundary fence has been tampered with or has suffered significant damage and requires repairs, contact us at Betafence today. As South Africa's premier fencing system manufacturer, we can ensure that your perimeter is secure. Get peace of mind today!