Fence Installation: A Step-By-Step Guide To Planning Your New Fence

May 31, 2023

Fence Installation: A Step-By-Step Guide To Planning Your New Fence - blog | Betafence SA

Installing a fence is a great way to enhance your property's security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. However, proper planning is key to ensuring that your fence functions as intended and lasts for many years. 

Here are our top tips for planning the installation of your new fence. 

Your Fence’s Purpose

The first step in the planning process is to determine the purpose of the fence. Do you need the fence for privacy, security, or decoration? Are you looking to keep pets or children in your yard? Understanding your needs will help you choose the right type of fence and design.

Check Local Regulations

In some cities or neighbourhoods, there are specifications about the height and materials that have to be adhered to when erecting a fence. It is a good idea to confirm these requirements with your municipality or local authority before choosing your new fence.

Choosing The Right Materials

Durable materials that will last for many years to come are the best option for a new fence. For example, our EasyView coated mesh fencing is a fantastic option, made from high-quality steel wire that is coated with a layer of zinc and an additional layer of PVC for added protection against rust and corrosion. This makes it ideal for outdoor use, and it can withstand harsh weather conditions while still offering maximum visibility to all areas of your property and surroundings.

Establish Your Boundaries

Before building a fence, it is vital to know where the boundary line is between your property and that of your neighbour to avoid encroaching over your property line. It would be best to consult your erf plan that clearly demarcates your boundaries. If necessary, you will be able to obtain a copy from your local municipality.

Measure Your Property

Now, it is time to accurately measure the length of the fence you want to install. This information is essential in calculating the amount of material that will be required to construct the fence. Use a tape measure or laser meter to ensure accurate figures.

Use online tools like our Fence Calculator to help you design and configure your new fence. 

Contact Betafence today for assistance on all aspects of building your new fence. Our product selection offers attractive, anti-corrosive, easy-to-install fences so you can quickly secure the things that matter to you.