Why Choose PVC-Coated Mesh Fencing Solutions?

Dec 08, 2022

PVC Coated Mesh Fencing Solutions

Having top-quality fencing for your home is essential for various reasons. The first may be to add an extra layer of security to your home, deterring criminals and keeping yourself and your belongings safe. The second reason could be to keep your animals, pets or children inside. Additionally, you may own vast land and require fencing to create subsections. 

Regardless of the application, finding the best solution available is essential. However, with many fencing solutions available, we are here to compare PVC-coated fencing from Betafence to other traditional solutions! 


Wood is an attractive choice for many fencing applications. This natural resource has been used for decades to create residential boundaries, adding a traditional look and feel to the outdoor space. However, while wooden fencing looks sweet and quaint, it is not the most durable against severe weather conditions or easy to maintain solution. 


Vinyl fencing is relatively modern. It is a cost-effective alternative to steel and wood solutions and works well for those looking for a quick fix. However, vinyl is not the most durable and may easily succumb to the impacts of weather over time. 


Steel is very sturdy and a go-to solution in the fencing realm. Similarly to wood, it has been used for many years as it is easy to mold into a wide array of custom designs. However, steel is weighty, causing it to run the risk of collapsing after time or harsh climates. The weight also results in an expensive finished product, a cost that not all want to bear. 

PVC-Coated Mesh

PVC-coated mesh fencing is a fantastic solution as it offers durability, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. It promises to last many years against all kinds of weather conditions. Our EasyView fence option can be erected by anyone, even with zero experience installing fencing. It comes equipped with anti-climb technology, ensuring to keep intruders out and pets and children inside! Moreover, it offers maximum visibility for all areas of the property and its outskirts.

If you require the best fencing solution, Betafence has got you covered. Our EasyView panel fences are anti-corrosive with anti-climb technology, providing an added layer of security for years. Discover more by visiting our website, or contact us today with any queries.