Introducing The Lymeta & Co Outdoor Wireless Camera

Dec 15, 2022

Outdoor Wireless Camera

High-quality security in the home is an absolute must. While electric fencing, panel fences, and security gates help deter potential burglars, a modern camera system adds an extra layer of unmatched security. 

We introduce the Lymeta & Co Outdoor Wireless Camera. Wireless and fully remote, the camera is easy to control with a click of a button on your phone. All you need to do is head to your app store to download the app, and voila! You are in business. 

But why choose this as your additional security layer, over and above your fail-safe Betafence fences? We explain several of its compelling benefits and features below. 

Remote Viewing 

Your ability to have full view and control over your camera system when not at home has to be one of the most valuable aspects of the system. With the app, you have total control, receiving push notifications if an incident occurs with the added perk of full-colour video playback, allowing unlimited future viewing. 

Weather Proof 

The Lymeta & Co Outdoor Wireless Camera is IP65 certified and will withstand and run as usual during harsh climates or weather conditions. 

Rechargeable Battery 

Large capacity batteries with a determined 180-day battery life at approximately ten alarms triggered per day means you avoid frequent trips to change the battery. When you do, the battery is easy to remove and replace. 

Smart Colour Night Vision 

The colour night vision is a fantastic feature, warding off the possibility of attempted burglaries at night. The Lymeta & Co Outdoor Wireless Camera includes four effective night modes: 

  • Smart mode - black and white night vision with spotlights automatically turning on to help detect any suspicious activity and show you full-colour viewing.  
  • Colour mode - allows you to view your property lit up in full colour, adding additional outdoor lighting to your space. 
  • Infrared mode - provides clear black and white images even in darkness. 
  • Off mode - switch off all modes. 

Human AI Detection 

The Lymeta & Co Outdoor Wireless Camera seamlessly detects any human activity occurring on your property. If the image processing technology finds a human target, it will immediately alert you on your mobile phone with a notification. Therefore, no silly false alarms when a small animal makes its way into your yard. 

Built-in Spotlight & Siren 

The built-in spotlight and siren are essential for deterring unwanted visitors from your property. It will trigger when the target approaches your property to ensure they do not get closer. 

The Lymeta & Co Outdoor Wireless camera is the perfect addition to any home. Coupled with your ideal choice of Betafence fencing, take your security system to the next level, effectively protecting you, your family, and your home. Contact us today to get started.