5 Uses For Your EasyView Partitioning Fence

Jul 27, 2022

Close up fencing installation

While most of our clients use the EasyView fence posts and partitioning fence to create a secure fence around their property, these fences are so diverse and have so many interesting and innovative uses. Because of their easy-to-install modular design, there is very little that you can’t do with the EasyView fencing system, and you can use these fences to allow your outdoor area to take shape.

In this article, we’ll give you just 5 ideas for potential uses of your EasyView partitioning fence, but we are sure that you’ll come up with some exciting ideas of your own!

Create a Boundary Between Your Land and Your Neighbour's

If you currently do not have a boundary fence between you and your neighbours, you could certainly run into some issues at some point. It is better to have a clear boundary fence that clearly separates your land from theirs.

Grow Creepers

The grid-like look and feel of our fence are ideal for growing creepers on and threading stems through as they grow. This could be an amazing garden process to try out, and there are so many gorgeous creeping plants out there such as jasmine, bougainvillaea, and more.

Keep Kids Out of Your Pool Area

While EasyView fencing has not been officially approved as pool fencing, it still does a practical job of partitioning off parts of your garden, and this includes the pool. It would do a great job of keeping kids out of the pool area when they are not being supervised.

Block Off a Specific Area for Your Pets

Don’t want your pets to get into certain areas of your garden? Do you want to prevent them from getting lost? An EasyView fencing system is ideal for keeping your furry friends on your property and in a designated area.

Make an Entertainment Area

An outdoor entertainment area can feel so much cosier when it is surrounded by a fence on one or more sides. It really cordons off the area and creates a designated outdoor spot for entertaining. You can then decorate this area with outdoor furniture, fairy lights etc.

Looking to purchase a top-quality partitioning fence? Here at Betafence, our EasyView Fence posts and panels are made from high-quality metal and PVC coating, as well as anti-corrosive technology, which is used in their production. Above everything, it is very easy to install! Please get in touch with us should you have any questions.