How Betafence Will Boost Your Property's Value

Oct 05, 2022

Illustration with graph house value

In South Africa, it’s unlikely for a home to have no boundary wall or fence in place. While a fence can certainly be an excellent security measure, many people don’t know that a fence or boundary wall can actually increase a property’s value. 

At Betafence, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality perimeter solutions that provide an extra layer of safety and security to your property while significantly boosting its value. 


Depending on the material, fences give you privacy from the street, neighbours and surrounding areas. Privacy from the outside world is a big plus when it comes to property values, especially in densely populated areas.


In South Africa, security is a must for any property. Fences protect your property from would-be intruders by blocking access. There is a wide variety of materials and fence types available to give your property that much-needed layer of protection.


Many people need their fence to keep their pets and children inside the property just as much as they need to keep strangers out. Families with young children or pets will be looking for a property that ensures they can’t run out into the surrounding areas where they could get hurt or go missing.

Aesthetic Appeal

A well-made fence constructed from high-quality materials can be a stylish addition to your property, not simply a functional one. Many properties use fences as a component of the landscape design, accenting the existing structure, enclosing certain areas and adding an artistic finishing touch to the property. 


Depending on the area you live in, a fence with a gate can allow access to certain areas. Many properties back onto walking trails, private parks and public areas that can be accessed easily when a fence with a gate is in place. 


In certain areas, fences or boundary walls are a requirement for every property. Additionally, many places have strict regulations for fences that must enclose certain areas of the property, such as fences around a pool.

Here at Betafence, we wholeheartedly stand by the exceptional quality fences we deliver. You can rely on a perimeter solution from Betafence to be of the highest quality, long lasting, reliable and look great. With a wide range of perimeter solutions to choose from, you can rely on Betafence to exceed your expectations. 

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