SA Fencing Laws & What They Mean For Your Property

Oct 11, 2022

Blue sky with South African flag flying

In South Africa, fences and perimeter systems are a necessity. Whether a fence divides one piece of land from its neighbour or marks the borders of your property, fences are a common sight all over South Africa. 

As commonplace as fences are, many people aren’t aware that there are rules and laws pertaining to fencing that, when not adhered to, can result in serious consequences for property owners. As fencing and perimeter solutions experts, Betafence is here to share the important fencing laws all South Africans need to know.


Before erecting a wall or fence on any boundary, a person must get consent from the municipality. Applications must be submitted with plans drawn to scale and clearly showing the erf’s position, construction materials, construction method and dimensions of the proposed fence. 


Fences must not exceed a height of 2.1m on street or lateral boundaries. The height of a fence is to be measured from the existing ground level or pavement. If the ground levels on either side of the fence are unequal, the higher of the two sides must be used to measure. 


Boundaries that abut upon open spaces have strict regulations regarding materials. The following materials may be used: 

  • Face bricks with face-brick finishing
  • Brickwork that is plastered and painted or cement finished
  • Concrete block work that is plastered and painted or cement finished
  • Decorative bricks
  • Panels of precast concrete
  • Plastic coated or galvanised wire mesh
  • Processed timber as approved by the building control officer
  • Cast iron
  • Vertical steel railings
  • Any other materials complying with the municipality’s requirements

Fair Face

Any walls or fences that face the street or abutting public open spaces must present a fair face. That is to say that the fence or boundary is not allowed to be unsightly or unpleasant to look at. 


All boundary walls and fences must be well maintained and in good condition, with the land owner being responsible for said maintenance. The municipality’s consent must be obtained to demolish an unsightly or dilapidated fence. Posters, placards and other notices are not to be drawn, applied or affixed to fences or boundary walls unless done under terms of any other by-law of the municipality.

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