5 Reasons To Choose A Quick Install Fence

Oct 19, 2022

Betafence Pantanet fence roll installation

If you’ve been thinking about a new fence for your property but haven’t quite found the best person to install one, never fear. You can do it yourself with a self-install fence! At Betafence, we have everything you need for your quick install fence, including all the materials for quick fence post installation. Here are our top five reasons to choose a quick install fence for your property. 

Quick And Painless Installation

Unlike building a brick, stone or wooden fence from scratch, self-install fences are designed to be quick and easy to install. Even a person with no building or DIY experience will be able to erect a quick install fence around the property without breaking a sweat, thanks to the online tools and resources we at Betafence have available.  


There are two major expenses when having a fence professionally constructed and installed: materials and labour. With a self-install fence, you are already cutting out one of those expenses! With an affordable self-install fence such as EasyView fences, all the materials you need are affordable too. 

Added Security And Safety

One of the primary reasons to install a fence around your property is to add a layer of security and safety for your peace of mind. A high-quality fence keeps intruders out while ensuring that children and pets stay within the property, so they don’t get injured or lost. 

Unobstructed View

The EasyView self-install fence system is designed to be effective and secure without obstructing your view. When you live in a beautiful area, you don’t need to sacrifice your gorgeous view in order to feel secure. Enjoy the feeling of safety without feeling trapped or suffocated within the walls of your property.

No Need To Wait

When you choose to have a professional install your fence, you never know how long you will have to wait. Waiting for a spot to open up in your contractor's schedule that will also work with the time you have available can result in you waiting for weeks or even months for your fence. With a self-install fence, you can ensure your fence is up in your own time. 

When it comes to quick install fences, Betafence has everything you need. We make it as simple as possible to get all of the materials you need for every step of your self-install fence, from wire panels to brackets to materials for quick fence post installation. 

Interested in a quick install fence for your property? Use our handy fence calculator to design your fence, then order the products online. Your fencing solution is a click away!