Maintaining Your Clearview Fence: Cleaning and Longevity Strategies

Dec 19, 2023

Close up clear view mesh metal fencing

If you’ve recently purchased a clearview fence, you’re already aware of the fantastic benefits that come with a high see-through visibility fence (a fence that offers the proverbial “clear view” of your surroundings). Make the most of your investment by following these fence cleaning tips from our experts at Betafence.

How to Clean Your Clearview Fence

  • To clean your clearview fence, begin by spraying it down with a hose to loosen up the dirt. 
  • Fill a bucket with water and a gentle cleaning solution. 
  • Apply this to the fence with a soft-bristled brush or sponge, working from top to bottom, covering small sections of the fence at a time so you don’t miss any spots. 
  • Finally, rinse the fence with your hose to leave it looking fresh and  clean. 
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and rough materials that could damage the coating of your fence.

Ensure Fence Longevity

To ensure fence longevity, inspect your clearview fence often to take note of dirt and damage. By doing this you can spot dirt before it builds up and time your fence cleaning appropriately. Regular maintenance and cleaning will also ensure that your fence lasts its full lifespan and gives you full money’s worth. 

Don’t put off cleaning for too long, and try to maintain a consistent cleaning routine for best results. 

Why Clearview Fence Care is Worth It

A clearview fence is designed to give you a sleek, stylish look to your property without obstructing your view. It’s a prime investment that can increase your property value and add enhanced security to your home, garden, or commercial building. 

However, buildup of dirt, grime, and debris can ruin your view, not to mention reduce the lifespan of your fence. Fence care is a priority in maintaining your clearview fence in optimum condition at all times so its appeal never fades.

Contact Betafence for more information on clearview fence care and maintenance, as well as advice for installation and care of all other leading brands. You can also shop online for quality fences and accessories nationwide.