Enhance Your Security: Installing High Security Fencing in South Africa

Dec 26, 2023

modern house render with DeltaView mesh fencing

When living and working in South Africa, security is a concern that can't be ignored. High security fencing can give you peace of mind. Fortunately, you no longer have to hire expensive contractors to install your fence, because Betafence has developed a seamless way for you to purchase and install security fencing in South Africa from start to finish.

Where to Start: Find a Supplier You Can Trust

For a problem-free experience, it’s important to do your research and find a fence supplier you can trust. Buying from an unknown company with no customer reviews could lead to disappointment and money wasted. 

Betafence has been making fences for over 140 years, and has been in South Africa for three decades. We understand the local market and love being the go-to security fencing manufacturer for our customers. 

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Purchase Fencing Materials Online

High security fencing must be made of robust, quality materials to give you the results you want. You can purchase fences and accessories online to secure your valued property.

Betafence offers the DeltaView Secure Panel fence range as a high-security option for private home and developments such as residential estates, and anywhere else where visibility plays a key role. This product has a 60-75% weld strength and high tensile wire of minimum 700MPa, which means it has a high penetration resistance against hand tools. 

In addition, it’s made of galvanised wire with a thermoplastic coating and has a 10-year guarantee. Conveniently, you can purchase the fence panels, brackets, and posts online. 

Follow a Trusted Fence Installation Guidance

Once your fence has been delivered to you, it’s time to begin installing. At Betafence, we provide a user-friendly calculator that helps you calculate how much fencing you will need for your specific requirements. 

Our online fence systems have been specifically designed to offer easy installation. We recommend that you organise all your materials, measure out your fencing area, and contact our team for clarity on the process before you begin installation. This will ensure you have a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Save hundreds of rands on fence contractors by purchasing an easy-to-install high security fence from Betafence. We are the leaders in DIY security fencing in South Africa and are proud to deliver exceptional products every time. Get in touch with us or find your ideal high security fence online here.