The Lymeta & Co Smart Outdoor Camera And You

Nov 09, 2022

Black Security camera on outside wall with creepers

Adding camera monitors to your home’s security system can provide an extra layer of protection, giving you peace of mind and helping you feel safer at home. With no shortage of security cameras to choose from, it’s no surprise that many people feel as though they simply don’t know where to start or what to choose. 

At Betafence, we are in the business of giving you an enhanced sense of safety with our high-quality perimeter systems and security solutions. With our expertise, you can rely on us to present the top options available to you when it comes to your home’s security, including sharing the best security cameras you can buy. We consider Lymeta & Co Smart Outdoor Camera to be one of the top security cameras available on the market.

What Is The Smart Outdoor Camera?

The Smart Outdoor Camera is a sophisticated, high-tech camera from industry leaders, Lymeta & Co. The camera gives you the ability to clearly see exactly what is happening in and around your home through 4MP live monitoring. The Smart Outdoor Camera has a rechargeable battery with a single charge, offering as much as 6 months’ worth of security. 

Key Features Of The Smart Outdoor Camera

The Smart Outdoor Camera is a superior home security camera with a range of sophisticated features, including:

Completely Wireless

Unlike other security cameras, the Smart Outdoor Camera is wire-free. The Smart Outdoor Camera is powered by a rechargeable battery and connected via Wi-Fi, allowing you to place it wherever you need. 

Outstanding Wi-Fi Performance

Stable video streaming is guaranteed over long ranges thanks to dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi.

QHD Resolution

Day or night, you can rely on The Smart Outdoor Camera to provide 4MP Quarter High Definition, allowing you to see clearly what is happening on your property. 

AI Human Detection And Accurate Passive Infra-Red Detection

Human targets are quickly identified using The Smart Outdoor Camera’s accurate Passive Infra-Red detection (PIR) and powerful image processing technologies. You will receive an immediate notification on your smartphone in the event of an intruder without worrying about false alerts. 

The Smart Outdoor Camera Benefits

Choosing the Smart Outdoor Camera is the smart decision due to the many benefits it offers:


You can depend on the Smart Outdoor Camera to operate normally in even the most extreme weather conditions, thanks to its IP65 certification. 

Peace Of Mind

With the Smart Outdoor Camera’s superior features, you can rest easy knowing what is happening on your property and be alerted to any problems right away.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Many insurance providers offer discounts or reductions when security measures such as cameras are on your property.

Remote Home Monitoring

With the Smart Outdoor Camera, you can check in on your pets, children and more wherever you are to ensure they are safe. 

At Betafence, we strive to make our customers feel safe and protected with our range of perimeter systems and products. We understand the enhanced sense of security that comes along with security cameras, which is why we present the the Smart Outdoor Camera security camera. 

Take control of your home’s security with Betafence. Whether you’re ready to purchase a new perimeter system or need help deciding how best to secure your home, Betafence is ready to assist. Contact us today to get started.