4 Benefits Of The Pantanet Essential System

Nov 02, 2022

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At Betafence, we are all about providing our customers with fences and barrier options to suit a wide range of needs. The Pantanet Essential system is a fantastic option that provides our customers with a total system solution with one of the best price-quality ratios available. The Pantanet Essential system has several benefits to offer.

What Is The Pantanet Essential System?

The Pantanet Essential system is designed to function as a complete standalone system. The system combines welded galvanised and plastic coated fence on rolls and adapted posts, striking the perfect balance between quality and price. The Pantanet Essential system is perfect for residential use and is well suited for use in demarcation. 

Pantanet Essential Specifications

The Pantanet Essential System is made of mesh welded and coated with PVC plastic. At every mesh, the horizontal wires show a crimp. The mesh is also reinforced with a selvedge wire 25,4mm from the top. Available in metallic anthracite (BF7016M), the Pantanet Essential system will suit any space. 

4 Benefits Of Pantanet Essential 

Attractive And Discreet

The Pantanet Essential system is made to blend easily with its environment, acting as an inconspicuous fence option. Available in metallic anthracite, it is an attractive option that can be strategically chosen to perfectly match the existing area, structures and surrounds.

Long-Lasting Lifespan

As the Pantanet Essential system is built using sturdy wire and coated in plastic with maximum adhesion, you can rely on it to be durable and long-lasting. Metal posts are galvanised on both the inside and outside of the post as well as PES coated. Top caps finish the design to ensure it is strong and will endure the elements.

Professional, Speedy Installation 

The Pantanet Essential system is designed with speed, ease and reliability in mind. The system uses round posts, allowing for fast, professional installation. When installed correctly and with the right tools, the resulting mesh fence is sturdy and optimally tensioned.

An All-In-One System 

Panatanet Essential is available in two roll heights (1.2m & 1.5m) with complementary posts for a complete fencing solution.

Ready to purchase a premium fencing system? The Pantanet Essential system available from Betafence is a high-quality, complete system solution available at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. Get in touch with Betafence today with any questions, get a quote or place your order. Our professional team is ready and willing to assist.