Trusted Perimeter Solutions To Fend Off Thieves

Apr 07, 2022

Betafence mesh fencing perimeter

Unfortunately, living in South Africa means that you need to do everything you can to protect your property and your family. There are many reasons for our high rates of crime, but at the end of the day, we have to face the fact that it exists and invest in solutions that will fend off thieves and deter them from making us their next victims.

An essential component of any security system is a perimeter fence surrounding your property, preventing thieves from accessing any part of your property.

Here at BetaFence, we believe that our EasyView fencing system is the ideal choice when looking for trusted perimeter solutions. And in this article, we’ll have a look at why.

The Presence Of A Fence

By simply having a perimeter fence installed, you are already deterring potential criminals. A fence makes their job so much more difficult and risky as they will need to find ways to get through it, under it, or over it. It definitely helps that the EasyView fence does look quite intimidating.

The Risk Of Injury

Our EasyView fence systems have metal barbs on top that would be very painful if you had to put your hand onto it. This risk of injury is often enough to deter criminals from attempting to scale the fence.

Difficult To Climb

The EasyView fence system has been created with anti-climb technology that makes the fence virtually impossible to climb.

Positioning Of The Fence

When installing any type of perimeter fence, it is important that you keep the fence away from large trees, which criminals could climb and then drop over the fence. You need to think like a criminal when putting up your fence!

Add Additional Security Measures

When you have put a fence up, you can now use this fence to add additional security measures such as electric fencing, cameras and floodlights that will further deter criminals in your area. The fence acts as the base that you need before investing in any other security measures.

Are you looking for perimeter solutions that you can trust in protecting your home? The EasyView fencing system is ideal! Look at the various EasyView options available on our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!