How Perimeter Fencing Improves Your Property Value

Mar 16, 2022

How Perimeter Fencing Improves Your Property Value | Betafence

Can perimeter fencing improve your property value? Crime is an unavoidable challenge in almost every part of South Africa. Security plays a vital role in keeping you and your family safe. But the benefits of boundary fencing go beyond the more obvious advantage of security. Whether you are selling your home or simply getting an appraisal, here’s what you need to know about perimeter fencing and property value.

Perimeter Fencing and Property Value

The three main advantages of perimeter fencing include security, style and safety. Here’s how each of these contributes to your property value.


The peace of mind you have from fencing that protects your property is the same peace of mind that any potential buyer wants when viewing properties. Even in areas that have a relatively low crime rate, security is one of the most important features that buyers will consider. Walls, wooden fencing, flimsy decorative metal fencing and very low walls that can be easily climbed can all jeopardise security. Fencing that provides an unobstructed view, with a design that makes it difficult to climb will increase the security of the property significantly. 


Style may not be the first thing potential buyers think of when it comes to security. However, fencing solutions such as Betafence EasyView offer the benefit of style and security. This range includes a minimal mesh design that lets in maximum light, making outside areas appear larger without large, unsightly bars and metal that rusts. PVC coating makes the fences long-lasting.


Over and beyond security, boundary fences provide safety in other areas. For families, having a secure fencing solution is vital. Lower walls and fencing that can be easily climbed pose a risk for small children. Likewise, metal fencing that starts to rust can also be a safety risk. Wooden fencing is prone to damage from termites, damp and wear and tear. Families with pets will also feel safer knowing that there are no worn fence panels or gaps for dogs and cats to escape. 

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