Why All SA Property Owners Should Invest In Perimeter Fencing & Security Cameras

Jul 26, 2023

Invest In Perimeter Fencing & Security Cameras - blog | Betafence SA

As a property owner in South Africa, you own an asset that not many can afford. But being a property owner doesn’t come without its challenges. One of these challenges is keeping your property secure. 

Here at Betafence, we offer a range of security solutions, and in this article, we highlight a few compelling reasons why SA property owners should consider investing in perimeter fencing and security cameras.

Crime is on the Rise

It is an unfortunate and sad fact that crime has steadily been on the rise in South Africa for many years. It is quite likely that other property owners in your neighbourhood have already invested in both security cameras and perimeter fencing, so if you haven't, your property may be an easy target for criminals.

Receive Better Insurance Premiums

When you have effective security measures in place, you can definitely expect to pay less when it comes to your insurance premiums. As soon as you have your new security cameras and fencing in place, you should inform your insurance provider and request a premium reduction.

Attract Better Tenants

If you are a property owner that rents out your property, one of the top priorities of most tenants in SA is security. With effective security features in place, you’ll be able to charge a higher rent and attract a wider selection of potential tenants for you to choose from.

Secure Property = Peace of Mind

There is nothing like the feeling that comes with being able to sleep easy at night knowing that your property is protected. In fact, you can’t put a price on it. This peace of mind alone makes both security cameras and perimeter fencing well worth the initial investment.

Access Control

Even if break-ins aren’t your #1 concern, having a boundary fence and security cameras is always a good idea to have some sort of control over who has access to your property. Security cameras are the perfect way to keep an eye on who is coming and going, and a boundary fence is the perfect deterrent for criminals.

Have you been searching for a premium SA fencing solution? Our EasyView fences are affordable and durable boundary fences that are ideal for securing your property. We also offer wireless security cameras that are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Contact us today to place your order and invest in your property’s security.