Why Betafence Is Your Best Friend During Load Shedding

Feb 15, 2023

Betafence black security camera

One of the greatest crises to plague democratic South Africa is the energy crisis. In 2023, the nation’s power utility is struggling to keep up with energy demand more than ever before, with little sign of improvement on the horizon.

Most South Africans ‒ both private citizens and businesses alike ‒ have had to accept the reality of persistent load shedding multiple times a day. While rolling power cuts for anywhere from two to four hours at a time is immensely frustrating for a multitude of reasons, one of the most concerning is security. Criminals love load shedding because it provides them with the opportunity to bypass electricity-based security measures and because it provides cover of darkness to do their thieving.

Security systems such as those provided by Betafence can become your best friend during these trying times.

Good Deterrence

Having a solid Betafence EasyView boundary fence installed around your perimeter serves as a powerful deterrent against intruders. Just seeing it there is enough to make crooks think twice. Not only do our sturdy fences make hauling stolen goods up and over a chore more likely to get them caught, but they also have large steel barbs on top that make it very painful to climb over. 

Quick To Erect

Our EasyView boundary fence solution is modular and prefabricated, which means that it can be assembled and erected rather quickly and without much hassle. You may not have planned for your security to be compromised as much as it has been thanks to load shedding, and so you might be ill-prepared. Betafence allows you to beef up your security without any delay.

Better Than A Wall

A see-through fence is better than a wall for several reasons. While it might lack the privacy that a wall provides, it also provides a plain and clear view of the outside that can act as a deterrent for crooks who will no longer be able to hide their actions in the shadows. Moreover, a fence is  far more cost-effective than a wall, while also allowing for greater flexibility in case you wish to alter its placement.

Battery-powered Cameras

We don’t just sell fences but also security camera solutions to monitor your fences. Our Lymeta and Co 4MP wireless security camera solution is ideal for identifying intruders early on, whether the power is on or off. These battery-powered cameras are great at spotting human trespassers during the day or night, featuring built-in spotlights and sirens to further deter would-be intruders.

Thanks to Betafence’s panel fences, you can make sure your home or business is well protected throughout the worst of load shedding. Ramp up your security today by calling us now.