Why A Steel Fence Is Better Than A Brick Wall

Feb 08, 2023

Mesh fence in front of Tuscan building

When it comes to securing your home, putting up an EasyView boundary fence from Betafence is a great way to go. While there are numerous reasons why an EasyView fence is better than other kinds of fences on the market, you might be wondering why you should choose a steel fencing solution at all over building a brick wall.

Here are several reasons why erecting an EasyView steel fence might be preferable to building a wall around your property.

It Costs Less

Walls tend to be far more expensive to build than steel fences. Walls require a lot of manual labour to lay bricks as well as expertise to ensure that it is straight, which all costs more money. In addition, walls require more materials, such as bricks, cement and paint, which are all costly materials.

It Requires Less Maintenance 

Steel fences typically require far less maintenance than walls do, since they are not prone to cracking or chipping, nor do they need to be painted or sealed. Steel fences such as ours come galvanised and coated right from the start, which protects them against the elements.

It’s More Flexible

At Betafence, our modular fence design means that it is quick and easy to extend a fence or move it as needed. The same is simply not possible when it comes to walls. Once a wall is built, it cannot be moved or rearranged without completely destroying it.

It’s More Durable

Steel fences are notoriously tough, especially when treated properly during the fabrication process. This means that they can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions without so much as a blemish. Walls can really take a beating in bad weather.

It Provides Greater Visibility

Walls block all views in and out of a property, which is not always a good thing. Having good visibility of your surroundings can improve security significantly, as it provides fewer places for criminals to hide.

It’s Easier To Erect

Our EasyView steel fences are pretty easy to put up, requiring very little skilled labour and equipment. Plus, it’s far quicker to erect than building a wall. Walls can take days or even weeks to finish, while large sections of fences can be put up in a day.

There’s Less Red Tape 

Building a wall out of bricks and mortar often requires permits and approvals from your local council. This can sometimes take a really long time and be quite frustrating. Fences generally don’t have to go through nearly as much bureaucratic red tape to get erected, which makes them ideal if you need a security barrier to be installed fast.

If you’re looking for quick and easy panel fencing solutions, then we at Betafence have well-established fences to help boost your security. Contact us today to get a quote!