How a CCTV Camera System Can Improve Security

Feb 01, 2023

Black Security camera on wall

Nowadays, homeowners in South Africa have to take extra care to ensure the safety and security of their properties against intruders. Having good-quality panel fences from Betafence is a good start, but there is more you can do.

According to Statistics South Africa, home break-ins are the most common type of crime experienced in the country, with more than 983 000 houses broken into during the 2021/2022 period.

The increase in load shedding has only served to provide more opportunities for criminals to get past your security systems like electric fences, alarm systems, and traditional CCTV set-ups.

However, Betafence’s Lymeta & Co 4MP wire-free security camera changes the game somewhat by providing wireless CCTV capability that runs on batteries, thus sidestepping load shedding and continuing to provide added security despite the grid being offline.  

Keep reading to learn why you should seriously consider investing in this state-of-the-art wireless CCTV system.

Surveillance And Detection

While the mere presence of cameras serves as an excellent deterrent for criminals, the biggest plus of having a functional and intelligent CCTV system is that it can provide timeous detection of potential threats. This is essential as it can give you warning of a possible break-in taking place so that you can take necessary steps to keep yourself and your property safe, such as contacting the authorities.

The Lymeta & Co wireless camera has built-in passive infrared and human detection technology, which can ensure that you are alerted the moment it detects someone in its field of view. It can also sound an alarm and activate a spotlight, further ensuring that the detection of an unwanted person breaching your perimeter is not missed.

Evidence Collection

In the event that a break-in occurs and can not be stopped, a functioning CCTV system can be instrumental in providing the authorities with visual evidence of the intrusion. It can help determine where, when and how the break-in occurred, in addition to providing a clear visual of the perpetrators, which can help the police build a case, find those responsible, and secure a conviction.

The Lymeta & Co wireless camera has excellent Wi-Fi capability that allows it to upload data to the cloud for later review. This means that even if the camera is destroyed by the intruders, you will still be able to review the footage up to the point where it was destroyed. In addition, you can obviously view the feed live in real time as well.

If you want to beef up your security by mounting top-quality CCTV systems on your fences, then look no further than the Lymeta & Co 4MP wire-free security camera solution on offer from us at Betafence. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more!