How to Upgrade Your Security When You Are a Renter

Jan 25, 2023

How to Upgrade Your Security When You Are a Renter | Betafence

With property prices forever skyrocketing, many of us rent our homes. While renting can have numerous benefits, it can be extremely frustrating when you want to make structural changes to the place you are living but are barred from doing so because of your rental contract.

As fencing experts in South Africa, Betafence provides some tips for upgrading your security if you are a renter.

Speak to Your Landlord

Our first tip is to speak to your landlord and ask that they make necessary security upgrades, especially if you feel unsafe. Be clear in your reasoning, and highlight how upgrading the security can add value to their property. While some landlords may be conservative in investing in their rental properties, this discussion is very important as a first step in upgrading your home’s security. 

Invest in Security Features That You Can Take With You

If your landlord does not agree to make any security upgrades, you could always make investments of your own that you could take with you or sell when you leave. Things like security cameras are very easy to install and uninstall and are 100% worth it for your peace of mind. While you may need to ask permission before installing these yourselves, if it is a cost to you, most landlords don’t mind.

Make a Compromise

There are many situations in which your landlord may be willing to make compromises. For example, they will purchase security features if you agree to assist in the installation or if you put in some money towards a new security fence, and your landlord will pay you the difference when you leave the property. Just make sure these compromises are in writing.

Up Your Personal Safety

While you may not be able to make structural changes to your rented home, you can make improvements to your personal safety, such as carrying pepper spray, installing an alarm system in your vehicle, joining security Whatsapp groups and more.

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