Avoid These Two Things To Ensure Your Fences Last Longer

Mar 15, 2023

White house with fencing front view

When it comes to keeping you safe, Betafence panel fences provide excellent security. However, there are two critical things that you should keep front of mind when installing your Betafence fencing solution to ensure that it remains intact and fully effective for as long as possible.

1. Trees

Trees are beautiful creations, and cutting one down is always a tragedy. However, you need to carefully consider any trees that might be growing near the perimeter boundary and assess the potential impact that each one might have on your fence over time.

Generally, trees can pose several threats to your fence. Old, dying, or overgrown trees pose the danger of collapsing onto the fence, which can cause significant damage to the fence and compromise your security. Certain types of trees might also pose a problem from below, as rampant, unchecked root growth can cause fences to become dislodged and pushed out of place. 

Another often overlooked problem that trees pose is that they can sometimes provide a path for criminals to circumvent security measures, giving them a way to climb over the fence. For these reasons, it is generally advised that if possible, trees near the fence be removed or otherwise vigilantly maintained and cut back.

2. Poor Installation

Many Betafence customers choose to install their fences themselves. After all, our fence calculating system and the way that we manufacture our products make them very easy and quick to install compared with many other fencing products on the market. 

If you are not sure whether you can actually get it done properly, don’t be afraid of asking one of our many approved installers to come and do it for you. Installing your fence properly will ensure that it lasts a long time and provides the level of security that you need and expect.

Incorrect installation can lead to some fence panels being unstable or skew and therefore weakened as a result, which compromises the whole perimeter.

Get in contact with us at Betafence today to find out more about our various security fencing products and how they can help keep your property safe!