Clearview Fence Installation: Ensuring Transparency and Security For Your Property

Apr 24, 2024

Clearview Fence Installation: Ensuring Transparency and Security For Your Property | Betafence SA

Transparent fence installation is easy enough that anyone can do it, providing improved property security. Here’s a quick clearview fencing guide to show you just how straightforward it is to set up Betafence’s EasyView fencing solutions.

Installation Process

  1. Measure your perimeter and use our useful fence calculator to work out how many panels and posts you’ll need so you can place an order.

  2. Measure out the posts and dig the necessary holes. 

  3. Place the posts in the holes and ensure they’re straight, then pour mixed concrete into the holes. Wait at least 24 hours for the concrete to set.

  4. Raise the panels and align them one by one between the posts.

  5. Use Betafence fixators to fasten the panels to the posts.

  6. Repeat this process until you’ve created a complete perimeter.

It’s as easy as that!

The Upside Of Transparent Perimeter Security

Transparent perimeter security has many benefits over solid walls. By being able to see out from inside the property, one can have a better view of what’s going on along the property’s borders. It makes it nearly impossible for would-be trespassers to hide their approach, giving owners or security ample time to react to incoming threats. It also makes it easier for security cameras to maintain a vigilant watch, as they are able to see beyond the fence.

In addition to this significant security benefit, clearview fences ensure a more aesthetically pleasing view of the property from the outside. Unlike solid walls or iron fences, this type of fencing won’t hide your gorgeous home or building from the world.

It also generally creates a more open feeling for those on the property, making it feel less claustrophobic and more inviting.

But Is It Strong?

Clearview fencing is extremely strong, even though it seems so thin. It’s made out of a welded galvanised steel wire mesh that is coated with high-quality PVC to protect it from rust and corrosion. 

The thick and rigid steel wires are arranged with a uniform aperture of 38 mm x 152 mm, making it nearly impossible to get a foothold for climbing or to insert a tool in between the wires for cutting. The wires are so strong that only power tools can possibly hope to cut through them, and even then, it’s not easy.

When these robust panels of welded steel mesh are affixed to the sturdy steel pillars with our patented fixators, the final construction is rock solid and impenetrable. You would even have a hard time driving a car through it, making it just as strong as a brick wall, if not stronger.

If you’re looking to improve your property security with clearview fence setup, then shop the Betafence collection today. We have everything you need to ensure your transparent fence installation is quick and successful.